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judith e. vega
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Long Live me, the good blood doner, anit-literer, tutor of the helpless and Lover of my babies. And Hope to what ever God you pray to that you never meet me when i'm tired, hungry , and it's cold... i'm told i'm evil<TxT> but let not the light show on my crazy true shelf that mutter 'shut up already' to the teacher, purposly trows rocks at the kids next door, demands respected but gives none in return, a nd the two faceed she demon i really am. but hey i'm going to rule the world one day so what evers!!!! i love my baby boys and girls!!! you know who you are!!

I Knew He'd Find

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 22, 2015, 3:24 PM
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ok for those of you who know i'm Supposed to be writing a book and  anyone who knows me knows that i am a huge procrastinator Llama Emoji-66 (Orly) [V3] . i only have half of it done and i only have another month to finish it.

now here is what happened 

 i move around more then a headless chickenbouncing chicking  8D , so my editor has a  hard time keeping tack of me but some how he still manages to find me!!!!!! Llama Emoji-56 (Hiding) [V3] Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1] Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1] 

when ever i leave i tend to NOT tell anyone i'm leaving or where i'm going till like 3 months later when i think "'hey did i tell them i was alive?". More then once i left for a while then someone goes and thinks something like "we all thought you where dead!!" or "where where you? you just up and disappear one day!". but not my editor.... lets call him James for fun. i tend to leave my cellphone to die  or forget to turn it on cuz i never really uses it and think of it as a waste of money but my parents are always scared if they don't give it to me  i will just wonder off so they Forced a cell on me but it's sooo rare that i even answer it or it's even on or even bother with the voice mail. but when i picked up my home phone (the only phone i will pick up if  am around) i hear James on the other line and this is what he says cuz he knows how i answer the phone ( i say "'ciao bella!") and this is what i hear and right away i know it's him.

"i found you"Llama Emoji 33 (Down or Depressed) [V2] Llama Emoji-17 (Sweating) [V1] 

i went pail white for like a minute when i hung up  out of habit and he called right back then i got lecturedLlama Emoji-08 (Crying) [V1]  for like a whole hour!!! thought i know i deserved it i could hear  his manager snickering inn the back ground when he was all like

"stop being a runaway author!! i swear i'll marry you off if you do that again!!! i have ten single friends and i will pay them to marry you and have them tape you to your desk til your done!  and if none will i will take you to Vegas  right now and keep you chained to your desk!!!"

despite his pretty face he's soooooo scary, he knows my weakness and uses it   agents me!!! i was so happy when i meet my editor cuz he looked so cuteHamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1]  and innocentSynfully Deviouse  !! Cry run 

any ways so i'll be stuck tied to my desk for while TT.TT, not that i mind but i must tell you all never treat your editors like i do , i'm just  a trouble maker lol and i am soooooo sorry James

  • Listening to: Lindsey Startling
  • Reading: Fanfiction one Draco and Luna
  • Watching: Porco Rosso
  • Playing: Sims
  • Eating: half-eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich
  • Drinking: Coca-Cola


Family Tree by BlueMoonSSR
Family Tree
i wanted to draw out the family tree so every one will know sort of how it goese. i belive all the females in her family never age, i mean look at her grandmother! she's like 52 and still looks like she's in her early 20's! no woner everyone calls her grandfather a pedo.

Her mom too! she looks like a sister not a mother! 33 and still looking young

her grand mother was 19 when she had her mom so she's like 52 and her mom was 17 when she had her and that makes her about 33

so its like this

Grandpa Ryo (Yakuza)Right Arrow  Fight with Right Arrow Grandpa Russo (Russian mob)Heart 3D married toHeart 3D Grandma RosaLeft Arrow TwinsLeft Arrow Uncle Grandpa Don Pedro (Italian mob)
                Down Arrow                                                                                                         Down Arrow                                                                                     Down Arrow 
                    Son                                                                                                          Daughter                                                                                        Son
                Down Arrow                                                                                                        Down Arrow                                                                                     Down Arrow 
Hiro Tatsuo (Yakuza)          Right Arrow      Heart 3D married toHeart 3D       Left Arrow     Rosalinda Bugayev ( Russian Mob)              Right Arrow Cousin Left Arrow        Miro Calascibetta  (Italian Mob)
                                                                      Down Arrow 

                                                                      Down Arrow 

                                                                    Ishida Tatsuo 

And that's about it.

oh! this is for Umi-No-Gakuen
Ishida Tatsuo by BlueMoonSSR
Ishida Tatsuo
FOR :iconumi-no-gakuen:

Too Much Information GENERAL INFORMATIONToo Much Information 

Name:Tatsuo, Ishida

Nickname: Ish

Gender: Female

Nationality: 1/2 Japanese, 1/4 Russian , and 1/4 Italine 
APH Japan: Manners Free APH Russia Icon: Magic Cane Italy (Thumbs Up) [V2] 

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Age: 16

Height/weight: 5'6"/????? the world will never know

Personality: Gentlemen like (?) | Stubborn | Hot Tempered | Klutz 

A gambler at heart ,Ish has never backs down from a bet or fight, but is nothing if not a gentleman (?).  She treats every lady, girl, and woman like a princess and her elders like a treasure .Ish has a strong but odd sense of justice and wont let anything go till the every end. Having people always trying to kill her she is now no longer stunned by any sight of blood or gore, but can't stand scary movies or rabbits . Ish really likes cute things  and has a habit of glaring at cute and frilly things;as she thinks "ahh this is cute, i wish something like this would look good on me" and because of that she is often misunderstood and ends up in fights.  Ish thinks the only way straighten a person out is to beat them straight. she Adores Hero-sensie and believes him to be the most cute person in the whole wide world, but won't go to her family for advice cuz the last time she wanted to be friends with a boy she liked he ended up in a Russian jail.  however she can talk to her uncle who despite being a complete and total flirt is a loyal man to his lover but his advice  is never the right thing. when she asked "Sensie is so cute, what should i do so no one jumps him? ", he answered "Jump him first".

Being born into a family or Underworld Lords Ish sees a different world of justice and law, and has a great respected for those who she believes to be Honorably. But she's also a HUGE gluttony and is never full so she sneaks food in every class to keep her going.

    "You must never raise your hand to a lady"

    "Even a criminal has Honor" 

"why is Mr.Hero s~o dang cute?!"

    "There IS Law and Justice in the Night world"

    "i pick up where the law leaves off"

     "Why is Ever women in my family crazy?!"

History: Ish was born from a lang line of Mobsters and Yakuza. But was the 1st girl to be born in the Tatsuo family in the past six generation. Her father is the heir to the Yakuza family, her mother's father is a Russian mobster head leader of his family, while her mother's mother is the twin sister of the head of the Italian mob, who's only son says his lover (a sweet man named Yuki) doesn't want him to get hurt so he wants to quite after Ish becomes of age, so Ish can take over for him.

She often heard disputes of which family she will take over as she grew up but never really thought about taking over any one of the family heads.

so all the family heads want her to take over as the next head ,but because  of that she has had many bounties on her head since she was a little girl. With all of the assassination attempts and worried about their only granddaughter (and only one of her generation to be born)  everyone decided to raise Ish as a boy. However after seeing a cop come to her rescue when she was 10 despite knowing who she was and what her family did. she immediately fell in love with the idea of a hero cop who didn't care what your background was and treated everyone equally. After that she wanted nothing more then to become a cop and bring justice to her world.

Even though her family tells her to train to be the next head she still loves them, even if all Ish wants is to become a cop and cute adorable wife who makes lunch for her also cop husband and live a sweet normal life. but after only ever receiving love letter from girls and challenge letters from boys Ish ever wonders if love was ever meant for her, but she still continues to train to be both a wife and police office (thought to her family it looks like  she training to become a expert bomb maker  and head leader). No one knows she's wants to be a cop. so she secretly applied to Umi-No-Gakuen and left telling her parents saying she was off to train on her own away from their helping hand so she can grow up, only bringing with her her life savings, her bat, and the cloth on her back.

+ visiting Family
+ Crime shows
+cute and frilly things
+long Long LONG naps
+cooking (but cant cook so don't eat it!)
+ training to be a wife
+fighting anyone one who  who challenges her 
+(stalking) protecting cute and weak people 
+romantic dramas

- Abuse
- rabbits
- judgmental people
-being hungry
- pretty boys (not the same as cute boys)
- technology 

- She always has her bat near by just in case, no one knows where she got it from
-Despite her liking to cook and wanting to be a wife in the future she can't do any of that stuff and her cooking will explode sooner or later if not it's deadly to eat
- the only one who can eat her food without being sent to the hospital is her mom, grandmother, and uncle
-technology hates her
-she likes the old fashion of writing letters rather then text-she has no cell phone
- if you call her cute she accidentally punches you from embarrassment (doesn't matter who unless your a girl)
- Has no sense of direction despite having  photographic memory
-Due to her Grandfather (who lied to her) she believes Fairies  are real and Santa Clause is a burger trying to steal her socks 
- Believes Hero to be a fairy sent from the fairy world to save every oneHero Time 
-because of her uncle ,she is now banned from any and every Casino in Las Vegas and Italy  

Emoticons' math problem SCHOOL INFORMATIONEmoticons' math problem 

Division: Law & JusticePolice fella (Works) 

Talent: Speaks mutable langues due to her Family's connections. Was toughs since the time she could walk how to defend herself, she knows how to fight, and use any weapon but likes to uses her fist and her old bat more. Her grandfather on her mother's side (Russian one) tough her how to make a homemade bomb and now even her cooking has a bit of a  Boom to it. she can memorize anything ( it helps when she holds a grudge). She knows how to 'bend' the law and has the ability to smooth talk her way out of anything except helping her mother wright love letters to her dad. she knows how to escape any place but getting back home is another thing so she would rather  sit and wait rather then get lost.

 yay!!! Umi-No-Gakuen



drawn for fun
Fright n Rina by BlueMoonSSR
Pout-chan n Shy-kun by BlueMoonSSR
Man Hater 101 by BlueMoonSSR
just for fun not much detail and hand drawn, if you can interest me i'll even do a bonuses for free
body digital
bunny ninja love 6 by BlueMoonSSR
bunny ninja love 5 by BlueMoonSSR
bunny ninja love 4 by BlueMoonSSR
just like that with color but full body
Hand Drawn
Leo N Punk by BlueMoonSSR
Page n rainbow by BlueMoonSSR
Smile n Loud by BlueMoonSSR
Twins by BlueMoonSSR
Cool-kun n Crybaby-chan by BlueMoonSSR
Scary-chan n BJ by BlueMoonSSR

full bodys- 10 point

body and back ground -20 points

body, back ground, and color- 30points
minni comic
bunny ninja comic: BL? by BlueMoonSSR
it comes in color and it can be your oc or not.
Digitaly drawn
Come with me by BlueMoonSSR
With color and back ground 

Journal History

Just for my enjoyment!

this will be just for my amusement and what ever else i deiced to put here, like a mood meter or something.


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